As your new recycling service is designed to maximise the quality of the collected materials, and to avoid the possibility of your bin not being uplifted by the collection crew, please be aware of the following:

  • No plastic bags should be placed in either the burgundy (paper & card) or blue (plastics, cans or cartons) bins. If you use plastics bags to collect your materials, please tip the content into the bin and place the emptied plastic bags in the green (landfill) bin
  • Food containers, such as plastic trays or pizza boxes should not contain food – if they contain food they can't be recycled and should be placed in the green (landfill) bin

Are you ready?

We're making changes to your kerbside collections. Between June and September a burgundy bin will be provided to households. This bin enables us to separate the collection of paper, card and cardboard from cans, plastics and cartons.

By doing so, we hope to increase the quality and quantity of materials collected for recycling. As well as making our materials more accessible to the reuse and reprocessing industry, we will make financial savings as the amount of waste we send to landfill will reduce.

There are no changes to the collection services for your brown bin, food caddy, black box and green bin. Please remember to reuse and recycle waste items from all around your home.

Once your burgundy bin is delivered, use it for paper, card and cardboard and your existing blue bin for plastics, cans and cartons. Until then all materials should continue to be placed into the blue bin.

Burgundy bin

  • Paper
  • Card
  • Cardboard

Blue bin

  • Plastics
  • Cans
  • Cartons
Information on top of the burgundy bin

Separating waste improves the quality and value of materials collected for recycling and reuse.

Why your service is changing

We were the first local authority to sign the national Charter for Household Recycling in 2014, which is designed to introduce a consistent approach to recycling across Scotland.

Thanks to Scottish Government support we are providing you with a burgundy bin which allows us to separately collect paper and card. Plastics, cans, and cartons will continue to be collected in your blue bin.

By making this change, the quality of collected material improves; value increases, providing financial benefit to the Council, and materials can be more easily recycled or reused.

Put simply, collecting materials together costs the Council money, whilst separating materials can provide the Council with an income. All of which means available Council funds will go further.

When will the change affect me?

As the rollout of the burgundy bins will take place over a 12 week period, we will let you know when the change affects your household in a number of ways; a bin tag on your blue bin lets you know that your burgundy bin is coming soon.

There will also be a series of roadshows across the area timed to coincide with changes to your bin collections. At each roadshow you will have the opportunity to speak with officers from Waste Services, who can help with any queries you have.

Your online collection calendar has been updated to show your burgundy bin uplift dates, and the revised uplift schedule for your blue bin. Your burgundy bin will be delivered before your first scheduled uplift.


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Before the new service starts in your area, you will receive detailed information and this will happen in two phases.

Phase One

Two weeks before the burgundy bin is delivered to your house the collection crew will put a bin tag on your blue bin.

The tag will advise that the burgundy bin will be delivered on your next blue bin collection date.

Blue bin tag

Phase Two

The day you receive your burgundy bin a number of things will happen.

Your burgundy bin will be delivered with a bin tag in place. This bin tag lets you know how to use the bin, tells you when your first burgundy bin uplift will be and when your next blue bin uplift will be.

Burgundy bin tag

A sticker will also be placed on your blue bin lid and an information booklet posted through your door.

Once your burgundy bin is delivered please use it for paper, card and cardboard and your blue bin for plastics, cans and cartons.

Bin tags should be recycled in your burgundy bin.

External contractors will be delivering the information booklets, placing stickers on blue bin lids and delivering the burgundy bin.

Making the most of your kerbside collection service

Bin collection schedule

Both bins will be collected every 4 weeks, with collections alternating every 2 weeks.

Check your online collection calendar.

The recycling and waste collection service collects material from the kerbside every week.

You are required to use the whole collection service which includes the weekly food waste collection.

Container Material Collection frequency
Grey food caddy Food waste Every week
Black box and textile bags Glass bottles and jars, household batteries, small electrical items and textiles Every 2 weeks
Burgundy bin Paper, card and cardboard Every 4 weeks
Blue bin Plastics, cans and cartons Every 4 weeks
Brown bin Garden waste Every 4 weeks (March to November)
On demand (December to February)
Green Bin Non-recyclable items Every 4 weeks

Frequently asked questions

Where does the money for this come from?

We successfully secured funding from the Scottish Government through Zero Waste Scotland.

This funding allows us to make the required changes to waste collection services as we aim to increase recycling and meet the recycling targets. Falkirk Council is one of a number of local authorities in Scotland to use this collection system.

Is it a legal requirement to recycle?

Yes, in accordance with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012.

Section 46(4) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 requires householders to use the bins or containers provided by the Council for waste and recycling collections, and for the householder to place the correct waste materials in the correct bins.

So will I have more bins than at present?

Yes, all households will have an extra bin delivered.

You will get a burgundy bin for paper, card and cardboard that is the same size as the blue, brown and green bins.

The green and brown bins that you have will still be used in the same way as now.

The blue bin you currently use for co-mingled recycling will be used for plastics, cans and cartons only.

What does this mean for my bin collections?

This means that waste will be collected in the following way:

Container Material Collection frequency
Grey food caddy Food waste Every week
Black box and textile bags Glass bottles and jars, household batteries, small electrical items and textiles Every 2 weeks
Burgundy bin (new) Paper, card and cardboard Every 4 weeks
Blue bin (changed use) Plastics, cans and cartons Every 4 weeks
Brown bin Garden waste Every 4 weeks (March to November)
On demand (December to February)
Green bin Non-recyclable items Every 4 weeks

Will I get a new collection calendar?

We aren't issuing new calendars. However, when your burgundy bin is delivered it will have a tag attached highlighting your 1st collection for the burgundy bin and the next collection for the blue bin. These are also included within your online collection calendar.

When will I get the new bin?

We will start delivering the new burgundy bins in June 2019 and will continue until September 2019. Households will be kept fully informed through social media, local media and information sessions.

A recyclable tag will be put on your blue bin. This tag will tell you when your new burgundy bin will be delivered and when it will be collected. Please recycle this tag in your burgundy bin.

Once the burgundy bin is delivered, start using your recycling bins as follows:

Burgundy bin

  • Paper
  • Card
  • Cardboard

Collections every 4 weeks

Blue bin

  • Plastics
  • Cans
  • Cartons

Collections every 4 weeks

From the day your burgundy bin is delivered please use it only for paper, card and cardboard and your blue bin for plastics, cans and cartons.

I'll be on holiday when my bin is scheduled to be delivered. What should I do?

If you know you will be away, please arrange with a friend, relative or neighbour to take your bin in.

I've received my burgundy bin – what happens now?

Please now use your burgundy bin for paper and cardboard and your blue bin for plastics, cans and cartons. To check collection dates visit your online collection calendar.

Will my collection days change?

No, your bin collection days remain the same.

Where you previously had a 2 weekly uplift of the blue bin, this now changes to being every 4 weeks, with the burgundy bin following a similar pattern.

Your online collection calendar contains the uplift dates for each bin.

My neighbours have received a burgundy bin, why haven't I?

If you are contacting us on your expected delivery day/week, we will be aware (for whatever reason) that your burgundy bin was not delivered. We will be arranging delivery. However, if more than a week has passed, please email us

My calendar has been updated, but I haven't got my burgundy bin yet?

The collection calendars have been updated for all residents. As the burgundy bins will be rolled out between June and September, your delivery date may not have occurred. The calendar shows your first collection – your burgundy bin will be delivered 2 weeks before that date. If your expected delivery date has passed, please email us

My bins are collected from a communal collection point. Will my burgundy bin be delivered there or at my house?

All burgundy bins will be delivered to individual houses.

Will the team delivering the bins be able to answer my questions?


The deliveries are being made by an external company. If you have any questions please contact us or come along to one of our roadshows.

What if I don't have room for the additional bins?

The burgundy bin is the same size as the standard green, blue and brown bins so our research shows that the majority of properties will have enough room to store these bins.

You may want to share bins with a neighbour. Communal bins will be considered where genuine bin storage is an issue. Contact us to discuss options.

All flatted properties have been surveyed to ensure the bins provided, fit in the allocated bin storage areas.

If you do have concerns about this, then your property will be surveyed by a member of Waste Services who will provide advice and find the best solution.

Can I share bins with my neighbour to save space?

We plan to deliver new bins to all properties within the Falkirk area, however if you think sharing is an option please contact us.

What if I simply don't want the extra bin?

Our collection service is changing and mixing your paper and card with plastic, cans and cartons is not possible once you receive your burgundy bin.

Any bins that have mixed materials won't be uplifted, and you will need to remove the wrong materials before we can uplift your bin on the next collection day.

I am too busy (or don't want) to recycle

We all have a duty to manage our own waste correctly (including our food waste), using the containers provided.

Waste at the sides of bins will not be collected and bin lids must be closed.

Contaminated recycling bins won't be collected.

Waste Services advisers are available to provide advice on how to recycle properly.

If my blue bin is not presented on the day the burgundy bin is delivered, how will I get a blue bin sticker?

A blue bin sticker will be posted through your door with the information booklet, if the blue bin is not presented for collection on the day the burgundy bin is delivered.

If you have not had a blue bin sticker placed on your bin or one delivered through your door, please contact us by emailing

Will my street be congested with delivery vehicles on the day my burgundy bin is delivered?

Separate teams will either deliver your burgundy bin or place a sticker on your blue bin and deliver your information leaflet. As these teams will work separately, they should not be in your street at the same time.

Both delivery teams are external contractors.

Can I present extra waste beside the bin for collection?

Waste at the side of your bin will NOT be collected.

Additional waste can be disposed of at recycling centres.

My recycling bins are not big enough, can I have a larger bin?

We no longer provide larger (360 litre) wheeled bins for recycling. If you would like advice on how to reduce your waste, contact us:

Can I get a smaller bin?

No. We only provide 240 litre burgundy, blue, brown and green bins.

I have an assisted collection at the moment. What will happen after the changes?

Nothing will change if you have an assisted collection.

Please be aware though that you will have different bins to use for different waste.

Burgundy bin

  • Paper
  • Card
  • Cardboard

Blue bin

  • Plastics
  • Cans
  • Cartons

This will be explained in the information booklet that will be delivered the same day your burgundy bin is. If you have any queries or issues, contact us for advice:

I live in a flat, will I get the new bin?

If you live in a flat but have your own wheelie bins, then you will get a new burgundy bin.

If you use communal bins, new separate burgundy recycling communal bins will be provided.

There will be town centre and flatted communal areas where there may be issues with storage provision for the new bins. We are assessing these areas for the best way to provide the new service.

Can I number my bins?

Yes, we would encourage you to place a number on each container provided.

Will my brown garden waste bin be affected by the changes?

No. Brown bin collections will not change.

The brown bin service operates between March and November.

Will my burgundy bin for paper, card and cardboard topple over in high winds?

As with current blue bins, strong winds could occasionally topple the recycling bins. Flat packing cardboard will allow the bin to be utilised to its full capacity and presenting your bin alongside your neighbours will help to secure the bin and its contents.

During times of extreme high winds or gales, you may prefer to wait until the next collection before presenting your bins or you can take material to one of the recycling centres.

Do I have to use the food waste recycling collections?

Yes. All households must use the grey caddy for the weekly food waste collection service.

Using the food waste recycling collection increases the space in your green bin for non-recyclable materials.

How can I order food waste recycling caddies or black boxes?

You can order food waste recycling caddies and black boxes online:

Aren't cartons made of cardboard?

A – No, cartons (juice, soup etc) are a mix of materials. They can be recycled in the blue bin.

What happens to the material collected in the burgundy and blue bins?

All of your collected burgundy and blue bin material will be taken to Roughmute where it is separated and processed. It is then sent for further processing and transformed into something new.

How can I reduce my waste?

There are a number of ways you can prevent the amount of waste you generate.

Our Reduce and Reuse page offers more information.

Can I swap my larger blue bin for a smaller one?

Once you receive your burgundy bin, your blue bin will be collected once every 4 weeks and only used for:

  • plastics
  • cans
  • cartons

We ask that you try this collection frequency before requesting a reduction in the size of your blue bin.

I receive an assisted collection service, will my burgundy bin have a red sticker?

No, we already know you have an assisted collection, and your address will appear on the collection route list.