To help you recycle more, you can request extra or replacement bins, food waste caddies, black boxes and textile bags. Larger blue bins are available to help you recycle more.

Households are entitled to one standard garden waste bin. If you have additional garden waste we recommend you either request a bulky uplift or visit one of the recycling centres. You can also collect free compost from the recycling centres.

If you need extra bins, please contact us:

To find out how to reduce your waste further visit the reduce and reuse page for top tips and advice.

Frequently asked questions

My bin or container has gone missing. What should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible:

My bin or container has been damaged. What should I do?

If the bin or container has been damaged or lost due to a lack of care by the householder, we may charge you for a replacement. If the bin or container is damaged by us, you will receive a new container within 5 working days.

Please contact the Recycling Helpline on:

Can I have a larger green bin?

Requests for a larger green bin will be considered on an individual basis. You must apply for a larger green bin, which requires you to complete an application form and also a waste audit diary. If you do not use all the kerbside recycling services including the weekly food waste service we will not consider your larger green bin application.

Special arrangements will be made for some householders if, for example, there is a medical requirement. These arrangements will be considered on an individual basis.

If you think you need a larger green bin, please email: