We set our budget for the financial year 2017/18 on Wednesday 22 February.

Full details of all the agreed proposals are in the report below:

Council Budget 2017-18

This includes:

Falkirk Council Revenue Budget 2017-18
Three Year General Services Capital Programme 2017-18 to 2019-20
Housing Revenue Account and Council House rents 2017-18 to 2019-20
Housing Investment Programme 2017-18 to 2019-20
Falkirk Community Trust 2017-18
Integration Joint Board Budget 2017-18
Background reports

Falkirk Council has agreed to a 3% increase in Council Tax for 2017/18, that will see an average 'D Band' Council tax figure increase by approximately 61p per week or £32 a year.

The Council set its c£330m budget following the local government revised settlement made by Scottish Government at the beginning of the year that has allowed a reduction in the original funding gap made from £20m to £14.4m.

Approximately £87m over the next three years will be spent on a variety of improvements to services and projects aimed at benefitting local communities. An estimated £104m will be spent on improving existing housing stock and providing new build properties.

The Integrated Joint Board (a partnership with NHS Forth Valley) will see a budget allocated of c£60m to allow it to deliver adult social care and health services across the area and Falkirk Community Trust will receive c£11m to provide sport, recreation, arts, heritage and library services.

Capital Investment Plans

Investment programmes across the Falkirk Council area will continue over 2017/18 helping to fund major projects and work to improve the area and invest in services.

Approximately £30m will be invested in the next year including:

  • £14.3m for Development Services (including roads investment and flood prevention work)
  • £7m for Children’s Services (including property extensions and new build)
  • £5.6m for the (TIF) Tax Incremental Finance Scheme (including roundabout works)
  • £3m for Corporate and Housing Services (including technology improvements to bring efficiency gains)

Specific investment plans include:

  • £5.6m for TIF project progressing the plans to bring more than £400m investment and 6000 jobs to the area over the next 25 years
  • £5m for roads and street lighting improvements
  • £3.7m for completion of a new school for children with additional support needs
  • £2.5m for technology improvements to deliver more efficient services and education
  • £1.7m for Grangemouth flood prevention work
  • £1.6m school improvements
  • £1m in Falkirk and Denny town centres
  • £810k for the continuation of the Denny Eastern Access Road