We are committed to promoting fairness, dignity, respect and equal opportunity for all who live, work in or visit the Falkirk Council area. Our approach is to promote equality based on rights and responsibilities.

You can read about our equality policies for our citizens, communities and employees in our Mainstreaming Report:

Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report

You can find out more about equality and diversity via the websites below:

Equality and Poverty Impact Assessments for the 2017/18 Council Budget

Children's Services

CLD reduce supplies and services budget
Closure of public toilets
NPDO refinancing
NPDO schools insurance
Rebase school meals budget
Reduce weekend community lets in schools

Corporate & Housing Services

EC0003 - Phase in Empty Property Levy for Council Tax
EC0016 - Contract Management and Renegotiation of Telecoms and Infrastructure
EC0023 - Technology Provision - Replacement PCs and ICT Storage Facility
EC0025 - Stop Paper Payslips
EC0026 - Council Housing Rent Increase

Development Services

DV Roads Revenue 17 - 18