Licence summary

To store, prepare, distribute or sell food on premises you need to be registered with Falkirk Council.

Premises include:

  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • hotels
  • shops
  • canteens
  • market stalls
  • mobile catering vans
  • food delivery vans

All businesses listed above should register with their local Environmental Health Service. To register with Falkirk Council, please use the Food business registration form:

Food business registration form

Some manufacturers handling products of animal origin may need to be approved by Falkirk Council or the Meat Hygiene Service, rather than registered. If you are uncertain whether your business needs to be approved or registered, contact your local authority.

Eligibility criteria

Anyone starting a new food business for 5 or more days in any 5 consecutive weeks must register with the local authority at least 28 days before doing so.

Regulation summary

Application evaluation process

The majority of premises now have to be registered. The Food and Safety Section can advise whether your premises are exempt.

Food businesses must be registered by the owner or someone acting on his or her behalf.

Will tacit consent apply?

Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from Falkirk Council by the end of the target completion period.

How to apply

Apply for registration of a food business establishment, or tell us about a change to your existing food business establishment through Business Link (GOV.UK).

Failed application and licence holder redress

Please contact us in the first instance.

Consumer complaint

If you have a complaint, please contact the trader first, preferably in writing. If you do this by letter, make sure you get proof of delivery.

If you've done this and feel your complaint still hasn't been resolved, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

But if you do not live in the UK, you'll need to contact the UK European Consumer Centre.

Other redress

For example; complaints about noise, pollution, etc should be directed to the Environmental Protection Unit.

Environmental Protection Unit
Abbotsford House
Davids Loan
01324 506070